Discover Steam

Whether it is a cold winter day or a stressful day at the office, a steam shower welcomes you with a warm embrace of soothing heat. The water vapour gently eases stress and muscle and joint pain while you relax in the heat. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and you are on a mini-vacation in the comfort of your home.

Flush Toxins

Due to the heat of a sauna and steam bathing, the core body temperature begins to rise. Sweat production is primarily designed to cool the body, and is composed of 99% water. However, deep sweating in a sauna or steam shower can help reduce levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and chemicals.

Burn Calories

A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams in a sauna in a single session, consuming nearly 300 calories in the process. The body consumes said calories due to the acceleration of heart activity (the cardiovascular section). As heart activity increases and as these processes demand more oxygen, the body begins to convert more calories into usable energy.

Recover From Exercise

Steam has been shown to help people recover more quickly from exercise by easing joint & muscle pain and eliminating lactic acid build-up.

Sleep Better

Research has shown that a deeper, more relaxed sleep can result from steam & sauna use. In addition to the release of endorphins, body temperatures, which become elevated in the late evening, fall at bedtime. This slow, relaxing decline in endorphins is key in facilitating sleep. Numerous steam & sauna bathers worldwide recall the deep sleep experiences that they feel after bathing the the calming heat.

Reduce Stress

Entering a steam shower, stress melts away as the warm, enveloping heat eases both mind and body.

Ease Joint Pain

The heat of steam helps to increase circulation throughout the body and warms the muscles and joints. This aids in relieving pain from exercise, arthritis, and over-use.

Cleanses The Skin

When the body begins to produce sweat via deep sweating, the skin is then cleansed and dead skin cells are replaced. Sweating rinses bacteria out of the epidermal layer and sweat ducts. Cleansing of the pores has been shown to improve the capillary circulation, while giving the skin a softer-looking quality.

Cardiovascular Performance

In the high temperatures of steam, skin heats up and core body temperature rises. In response to these increase heat levels, the blood vessels near the skin dilate and "cardiac output" increases. Medical research has told us that the heart rate can rise from 60-70 bpm to 110-120 bpm and can often sink to below normal after the cooling off stage. With regular steam room usage, we not only train our heart muscles and improve the heart rate/cardiac output, but we also help the body's regulatory system.

Fight Illness

German steam medical research shows that Steam rooms were able to significantly reduce the incidences of colds and influenza amongst participants. As the body is exposed to the heat of steam it produces white blood cells more rapidly, which in turn helps to fight illnesses and helps to kill viruses. In addition, steam rooms can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of sinus congestion from colds or allergies.